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Child Support: an In-Depth Exploration

Welcome to the World of Child Support

Darrell C. Baughn, Esq.

Compilation of Child Support Law Treatise by Darrell C. Baughn Esq. Available on Amazon

Child Support Primer on the Law in Mississippi by Darrell Baughn

Working out the Meaning of Words in their Legal Bibliographical Context

The Author’s Repose

I would not say I have had a storied career, nor would I claim to be an expert or in any way other than a poor city lawyer struggling to survive in a world filled with plebian autocrats with no sense of poetry and no connection to those otherworldly things that really matter deep in the Logos, but I would say that there is genuine value in living life as a non-sequitur sometimes as a Salesman, sometimes a Soldier, sometimes a Solicitor, and sometimes a Sort of Sorcerer in-between this world and the next.

The Author

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